Grace Ng Ee Wern

Grace Ng Ee Wern


Vocalogy is the private studio of Ms. Grace Ng Ee Wern in Singapore.Ms Ng is a trained lawyer, Somatic Voicework teacher and Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy ® practitioner.

She has a passion and insatiable intellectual curiosity for all things voice that has taken her to Shenandoah (USA), Paris (France), Brisbane & Sydney (Australia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and New York (USA). She is fascinated by the connection between body, mind and voice and their constant interplay and manifestation in the human condition. She trained as a holistic health practitioner to enable her to understand the Body, the Mind and their interaction in Voice.

She is an adjunct lecturer at the Theatre Department, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where she teaches singing to student actors.

Areas of interest

  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Music and Movement
  • Multi-disciplinary Performing Arts Performance and Pedagogy
  • Singing & Speech